Responsible & Enduring

As an Salvadorean Business, Woodsal seeks to create meaningful, sustainable, and long-lasting hardwood flooring. As part of a comunitty, we understand our responsibility to the environment over the long term. Due to the lengthy growth cycles of hardwood timber, our operations are often the best stewards of the forests, protecting them with management plans that span across generations. We are committed to preserving our natural resources because our future, and yours, depends on it.

Domestic Trees

Woodsal floors are made exclusively from sustainable, renewing wood timber that is grown within the framework of the Responsible Procurement Program.

Woodsal is committed to using logs from trees grown in sustainably managed Salvadorean forests, where more trees are growing than are being cut down. This practice not only prevents lasting damage to our ecosystem, but it also dramatically reduces shipping distances to create a minimized carbon footprint. Many other wood floors are manufactured overseas from American raw materials and are then shipped back to the US market – a practice that involves multiple transoceanic trips and comes with a tremendous carbon footprint.